Have you ever reached the end of the day 
and asked yourself:
“What did I accomplish today that was meaningful to me, my family or someone else?” 
Most People Struggle With Having A Productive Day
That's Why I Made This Journal

Learn These Powerful Concepts For Life:

  • Productivity: Successfully completing sequential steps in a timely manner that bring you closer to accomplishing a task, project or goal you’ve set.
  • Discipline: Being able to stay on task and still make progress even when you’re feeling unmotivated, distracted or discouraged.
  • Focus: Following ONE course until success and remaining distraction-free in the process.
  • ​​Morning Routine: Create a morning routine that will jump start your day. 
  • ​Winning Tomorrow Today: Learn how to craft your tomorrow the night before making it that much easier for you to accomplish so much more.
  • ​The Pomodoro Technique: A timing system to break work down into sessions that are separated by short breaks.
Master Productivity, Discipline 
And Focus In Just 14 days.
Here's What Others Are Saying 

"Steve K came into my life when I was at my lowest. His wisdom, understanding, prayers and coaching changed my life. Since that time I have written 5 books, 3 of which became bestsellers, and I now consult people and companies with enormous influence and power."

Brian Bosche
New York Times Bestselling Author

"This was one of the best investments that I have ever made with my money in years with a coach. I am truly grateful that the Lord has allowed us both to meet."

Brenda Armstead
Pastor, Teacher & Writer

"Your courses and being on these zoom calls each week has had such an enormous positive impact on me that I started to dream again and feel the pull of the Lord to move forward with the models you are teaching. I don't know how many times you hear this, but your course has so benefited my life that I just wanted to say thank you."

Jason Head
Lawyer, Writer & Entrepeneur

"Steve is not a 'pretend' expert, but someone teaching Christians how to employ online tools and tactics in their churches, ministries and businesses to achieve exceptional results. This workshop provides you with easy proven systems that up until now have been kept a secret from most of us."
Mike Francen
Francen World Outreach

"This information is so valuable, especially since I work with people in poverty-stricken areas, who really need a hand-up (not a handout, which does not help them in the long run)."

June Anderson

"These concepts used to drive me crazy - but Steve you make it simple. Thank you."


"Steve K. has done it again! I highly recommend The 14-Day Challenge."

Tamara Lowe
New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I knew of Steve from 60 day Author. When I saw the 14 day challenge, I jumped on because Steve is such a good teacher. Your class helped me get unstuck."

Kathleen Healy

"The 14 Day challenge is a gift to the entire Body of Christ. This practical, step-by-step workshop along with the live coaching has completely transformed my ministry, my church, my family and our finances. I cannot thank Steve and his team enough for making this available for us. Timely and powerful!"

Matthew Helland

"...let me tell you that our appointment with Steve yesterday was super-ipper-mega amazing!! Over the top!! The Red Sea was opened before our eyes! We have a clear blueprint now and something solid to work with. We are so excited and challenged. We are so thankful to God because you guys are in our lives."

Silvia Triunfadora

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